Does Your Dog Need Training? Is Your Dog…

Destroying your home?  •  Damaging your property?   •  Unruly around company?  •  Out of control when off leash?  •  Difficult to take along with you?  •  Hard to walk on a leash without tripping or pulling?  •  Afraid of new places, people, or dogs?

Bulldog III
Bulldog III
Victor E.
Victor E.
Training home to

Year Round Indoor Dog Training!

5,000 Square Foot Training Building

Our rentable building is fully carpeted, heated and cooled!

Positive Training Methods!

Innovative Training Methods

Training deepens your relationship with your dog!

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We offer obedience training, rally, agility and more!

Very personalized small group setting. We enjoyed the beginner class. We learned a lot and our dog’s behavior has improved greatly.

Julie D.

The Puppy Socialization course is fantastic! They teach basic commands and encourage great socialization with other pups.

Nichole F.

Even though my little guy was scared, I learned so much from my trainer. Michele is awesome, full of knowledge and funny. She gave me ideas I never would of considered and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks! Love this place!