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“I first met Melody Daggs about 35 years ago, just after arriving in California from Illinois.  I had a German shepherd at the time, and my then husband was interested in Dobermans.  At the time, she had a large male Doberman, Ken, who was extensively trained, and my then husband, also Ken, was enamored, to say the least, with this wonderful Doberman.

She helped me train my shepherd from beginning obedience through utility training, and I enjoyed my wonderful Kristi for 16 years.  She helped us select a Doberman, also training with Mel.

More recently, she helped me train Tyndall, a black lab, when I contracted with CCI – Canines for Independence, to be a puppy raiser.  As such, I was expected to raise this beautiful puppy of 8 weeks for 12-14 months, and muster through obedience training with a certified trainer (which Mel was), and get her accustomed to people and places.  Mel was wonderful in adapting her regular training to that proscribed from CCI, whether certain commands, or a slight difference in handling, as these dogs were being trained to assist others.

When the time came to return Tyndall to CCI, for additional training and assessment, and I was bereft in missing her, Mel was supportive on so many phone calls.  I was able to check on Tyndall’s progress with the CCI trainers each month.  While I was hoping she would be a magnificent companion/assistant dog for someone, I admit I silently hoped in a very selfish way, that she would not.  That for some reason, she would be released, and I knew I would have first choice, as a raiser, to get her back.

When I received the call a very long 3 months later, that Tyndall was barking extensively, directly at one of their vets at one point, I silently laughed, because we could never teach her the ‘speak’ command.  She Never barked.  Even though I tried many ways.  When I explained to Mel the situation, she also laughed.  Tyndall came home – for barking too much.

For 8 years this special black lab was my companion, and love.  She helped me through major back surgery, and life’s surprises.

Too recently, when Tyndall was eight, she took ill, and with several months of treatment, seeming better, and then not, Mel was still there, along with Michele, and most especially Liz, helping me through it with discussions of what and how, and what if…  Tyndall died at home on a Monday night.

Melody, her business partner Liz, and associates, are dedicated trainers for dogs and owners, always for the well being of the dogs, being a good neighbor as a dog owner, and supportive in the process.

Maureen King

I first met Melody through my mom who worked for the vet, Dr. Nicolaysen, many years ago.  I contemplated getting a dog over the years yet I always knew that I would work with Melody to train it.  I reconnected with Melody when I got Lucy, my then 4 month old schnauzer, and enrolled her in Puppy Kindergarten where she learned how to socialize with other dogs and learn basic manners.  It was great fun to see my newly acquired puppy who was shy and timid blossom into a confident puppy.  We then moved on to Beginner and Intermediate classes which helped give Lucy balance and even more confidence as I am now able to take her anywhere and she is comfortable with most situations including grooming, boarding, riding in the car, playing with young kids and she also has excellent listening skills. I believe that with Melody helping me find the confidence to work with my dog is the reason my dog is so balanced.  I thank Melody for all that I have learned and truly enjoy being a dog owner because of her!

Tierney O’Brien

Our family has known Melody and Liz for 17 years when we got our first yellow lab Clara.  Since then they have helped select, socialize, train, and exercise our dogs making our lives with our animals happier and safer.  We share their philosophy of discipline and structure with love.  Melody has been a great help choosing our puppies, whether a  purebred from a breeder or a little rescue mutt from Petfinders.com.   She has the knowledge and experience to look at a young animal and see  potential physical issues that someone else wouldn’t recognize–the  length and straightness of the spine, the structure of the jaw, the  hips and elbows, spotting defects that can lead to lifelong  suffering.  Liz Force has been our dog’s play group leader, counselor  and their very best friend, for two of our girls until the day of  their deaths. We’re constantly grateful Melody and Liz are a part of  our lives.

Jean Crane MD and David Nowlis

My first experience attending one of Melody’s classes was 10 years ago. I was living alone with my 1 year old Lab and my 1 year old Golden Retriever. Even though I had attended dog training classes with other trainers in the past, I was a little overwhelmed by these two. Although both excellent breeds, Labs and Golden’s can be very exuberant and energetic if untrained, especially at this age.

Melody taught me how to get control of the situation using positive training methods. In no time, there was a significant change in our household. Melody has also shared valuable information on other topics such as dog nutrition and diet suggestions. I ended up taking my dogs through 3 of the classes. I am proud to say that today I have 2 very well behaved, well socialized, and well trained dogs.

I started volunteering for a couple of different dog rescue groups a few years ago. Since then I have attended at least 5 more classes. I assisted my Dad with his dog’s classes and have taken a couple of rescue dogs through the classes as well. I truly enjoy these classes and learn something new each time I attend. The skills I learned by attending all these classes has helped me immensely in dealing with the rescue dogs. Because of this, I recommend Mel to everyone who adopts one of our dogs (and anyone else).

Debbie Upton


Melody Daggs  helped us turn our extremely shy PBGV into a performer. I had never seriously trained a dog before we got Al, the PBGV.   I have had Bernese Mt. Dogs since 1979 and only went through beginning obedience courses with them. It was obvious Al needed school.

We were excited to be in Melody’s classes, since she had such a wonderful reputation as a trainer.  Melody gave extra points in her classes for our dogs learning tricks.  So my husband and I taught Al a lot of tricks hoping theses extra points would help him pass his obedience courses.  Al managed to complete Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Utility Obedience and beginning Performance classes.  Al was accepted into “Paws for Fun”, Melody’s group of  advanced performers,  and has been performing with Melody’s group since 2002 at Children’s Hospital, Retirement Homes, Dog Events, etc.

The basic skills Al learned in obedience classes were necessary for him to learn ‘advanced’ skill, tricks and routines.  Al has performed at three PBGVCA National Specialties, wowing the crowd.   I don’t know of any other instructor who has developed a performing group like “Paws for Fun”.  We are privledged to have had Melody as our instructor.   Melody changed our lives and turned us into dog trainers and performers!

Janet Hopper

It has been my pleasure and an honor for me to have known and trained under Melody for decades.  Yes, decades–since the early 80’s.  I trained my first dobe in Melody’s classes.  More recently, she has helped me  acquire my first Golden Retriever who came from the state of Washington 10 years ago.  She found this wonderful breeder for me who trusted me with my first real show dog.  Since Banner, I purchased my second golden who became my first breed champion.  I bred her, Melody whelped this litter, my first breeding, for me. Since this, all 5 puppies have been trained in her classes.  I kept the only girl who has 9 points including a major and an Rally Novice title as does her mother.  All the obedience training has come from Melody’s classes. Melody teaches clicker usage for positive training.  I’m a firm believer in this method for my dogs.  I have found that Mel has a nice balance in her classes of using clicker with other training techniques.  She challenges us, but never without all the help we may need. Melody has taught me so much.  From grooming these beautiful goldens, training, and more importantly, learning to live peacefully with these beautiful souls.  Mel has influenced my life greatly and I’m blessed to  have met her all those years ago.

Pam Kennedy

Like many dog owners who have taken dog training classes from Melody, I learned about her from a referral from a friend who had trained with her. Melody does not advertise, and she does not need to because there are so many happy clients who refer others to her. I took my first dog Bonnie to Melody soon after I moved to Fresno in 1997. I had trained dogs before and thought I knew quite a bit about dog training. Little by little I began to become aware of the depth of Melody’s knowledge. She understands not only how to train an average dog, but she understands how to deal with all kind of different dogs and their individual idiosyncrasies, as well as the owner’s idiosyncrasies! Within each class setting she teaches the class as a whole, but if an individual person or dog is having trouble, she talks to them individually and gives them advice for their own issues. Again and again I saw her work magic with her clients and their dogs, and with me and my dog. She uses only positive training techniques and is never harsh or cruel. I also began to realize that she is not really training dogs successfully; she is training people successfully (including me!). Working with her has opened up an entirely new world for me, and I see and understand the relationship people and animals have in a complex way that is difficult to define. I have referred dozens of dog owners I met at my local dog park to Melody. When they see how well trained my dog is they often comment, and if they are interested I always give them Melody’s name. More than one has taken their dog to Melody and thanked me later. I liked working with Melody so much that my dog Bonnie and I took every class she offered. We even joined a performance class and gave fun performances all around the area. When I sadly lost Bonnie, the day after I brought my new dog Mattie home, we joined Melody’s beginning obedience class. We finished beginning, intermediate, and advanced obedience and we’ll take every other class Melody offers. We can’t wait.

Mary McClanahan

My husband and I grew up with dogs but not ones that we could take out in public. Pulling, jumping up on others and anti-social behavior limited them to the backyard and short walks around the block. When we were ready to add a dog to our family we knew that training was at the top of the list. Our veterinarian recommended Melody Daggs and we took our new additions to Puppy Socialization. We quickly learned that we needed the class as much as the puppies. Melody worked with all of us giving each pup and owner praise and guidance through our sessions.

We followed up with Beginning, Intermediate and Canine Good Citizen Training. Last summer we decided to take a trip to Monterey and Carmel and take our almost 2 year old lab mixes with us. We would never have been able to take such a trip without the training Melody provided. We even let our dogs Coco and Flash off leash at Carmel Beach so they could play in the water. It was truly a weekend to remember! We’ve had several more trips with the dogs and have received many compliments on their behavior.

Melody, Liz, Michele and Cherrie, I don’t know where we would be without you.

Anjali Davis

It has been our pleasure to have our six Cocker Spaniels, over a span of 24 years, trained through Melody’s guidance.  She helped transfer each of them from wild little puppies to well trained family pets.  We’ve attended a variety of Melody’s class, including puppy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  A few of our dogs progressed through her performance classes and learned extraordinary skills and tricks that were the highlight of many family gatherings.  Her positive demenour and teaching makes learning enjoyable for both the dog and owner. Melody helped one of our dogs achieve his CD certificate in three successive shows.  She also helped guide us in choosing appropriate puppies to match our lifestyle.  Her techniques are both positive and rewarding.  The numerous friends that we have recommended to attend her various dog classes have all been pleased.  We consider Melody a true friend and professional in every way.

~ Mike & Sally Robinson

I have been grooming in the Fresno area for 40 years, and in that time I have heard hundreds of stories about local trainers: the good, the bad and the really ugly. Melody is the only trainer I have ever endorsed, as I am personally and professionally familiar with her philosophy and methods of training both dogs and their owners.  She is gentle and well versed in latest technique, and has an innate ability to connect and communicate with the dog handler as well as the dog, which is paramount in effective training. We have worked together with some very difficult grooming situations, and she has been invaluable to me as a source of technique and psychological tools to deal with these “damaged” dogs. Mel is a well rounded, real “dog person”: a trainer,  breeder, handler, groomer and wonderful friend, whom I trust my own dogs to, and that is the best I can say about anyone!

Jade King, Grooming Specialist

I became acquainted with Melody Daggs Professional Training because of my dog Molly.  Molly came to live with me when she was a very young puppy. She was exactly what I’d hoped for; full of life, energy and really smart.  I soon discovered there may be such a thing as too much energy and perhaps too smart; the wheels were always turning, even at 2 in the morning!  I realized that we needed help in directing that energy and intelligence into positive outlets.  Fortunately for both of us we found Melody and her crew.

What a difference the training we’ve received has made in the quality of Molly’s life, and the special bond I share with her because we went through it together. In addition to the positive reinforcement methods used, I especially like the variety of classes and programs to choose from, and the knowledge, skill and dedication of all the trainers. These are people who have worked with dogs for years, understand traits of different breeds, and take the time to learn not only your dog’s personality, but yours as well. I think Liz Force, Mel’s partner in the obedience training is especially insightful in this regard.  This special quality really gives you and your dog a chance to be and feel successful as you got through the training programs. It is the kind of stuff that will serve you and your dog well for a life time.

From puppy class, through 3 levels of obedience, to performance there is something for every dog and their human.  I’ve taken 3 dogs to various classes; Patrick my niece’s Cairn terrier to Melody’s puppy class.  This is like no other puppy class around.  Of course they learn the basics, but this class is set in a home type environment with the 1st 10 minutes being devoted to interaction with all the puppies in the class, no hiding under your human’s chair!

Annie, now 4 years old, has been through 2 levels of obedience; she is a 70 lb mix of dubious breeds with issues.  She was literally abandoned when she was about 3 months old and came to live with me when she was about 7 months.  Without the help, understanding and training provided by Michele Evans (another Mel trainer) and especially Liz, Annie would not have been able to stay with me and be part of my family.  Thanks to that special insight, a lot of patience and encouragement when I got frustrated, I am proud to say she graduated top of her class in both beginner and intermediate obedience.  The formal training is over, but the support goes on, they truly care, another thing that makes Melody Daggs training unique.

Molly is now 10, and doing well.  She still likes to perform at family functions; showing off many of the tricks she learned in Melody’s performance class. I am able to take her with me anywhere because of the obedience training she and I received along the way.

I’ve had dogs most of my life, but never realized how important the right kind of dog training can be and how much it can help enrich you and your dog’s life until Molly and Melody Daggs Professional Dog Training.

~ Pat Wallace

Melody Daggs is a fantastic dog trainer.  I am so privileged to be able to work with her for the past 7 years.  When I first went to Melody’s puppy class, I knew absolutely nothing about dogs.  I had just finished a look about potty training and one on Yorkshire Terriers.  This was all I knew.  Melody immediately saw the hyper behavior of my dog and taught me how to appreciate and bring out the best of this temperament.  Melody teaches how to understand and work with your dog.  She teaches manners for both the pet owner and the pet.  We attended 2 sets of obedience classes and then Melody invited Gabby and me to be in her Performance Class.  Now my dog can do just about everything from jumping relays to basketball and skate board to entertaining Pirate Skits at Valley Children’s Hospital and many local venues.  Gabby and I love Melody and the relationship that she has helped to foster between my best friend, Gabby and me and with meeting other dogs.  We love Paws for Fun, our performance club and giving to the community.

Pat Mahoney, Kindergarten Teacher

I have had the pleasure of knowing Melody now for two years.  I knew of her through my mom who consulted Melody regarding aggression problems with her Corgi.  This was many years ago when I was still living at home.

Two years ago I was looking for another dog as a companion for my dog Jack and a friend for my son Eric.  Jack is a rescued dog and is a Jack Russell Terrier mix.  We found Brittney, a Jack Russell Terrier/ Chihuahua mix.  After about two weeks with Brittney she suddenly became a very aggressive dog with anyone that was not immediate family.  This became increasingly worse until I was frantic.  She was often aggressive with Jack who is a very passive dog.

I contacted Melody immediately.  Melody came to my home and after one hour was able to take Brittney on leash for a five minute walk outside of my home while I waited inside.  Brittney has fear aggression from being abused and was a rescued dog.  I enrolled both Brittney and Jack in dog obedience class.  Brittney did very well training and tolerated other dogs at a safe distance.  After a short time Brittney gained Melody’s trust and the two became good friends.  Melody took care of both of my dogs while we took my son to Disneyland for his birthday.  I had tried previously to board Brittney and was told that nobody was able to handle her, she exhibited significant aggressive behavior and I was told I could not board her at that facility.

Brittney very quickly bonded to Melody and stayed very close by her side while we were away.   It was so comforting to know that she would be well taken care of and that if anything problem occurred Melody would know exactly how to handle it without increasing her fear of people.

I very much enjoyed training my dogs with Melody.  Brittney did benefit greatly from her class.  Melody worked with her allowing her time to adapt and progress at her own speed.  Brittney was never forced to do anything that would cause her distress and yet she was able to participate in the class with the other dogs.

I have since sought Melody’s help by phone and email for issues with Brittney relating to her on-going issues.

Melody has an amazing knowledge and understanding of dogs as well as keeping in perspective the dogs place in the family and how everyone is a factor in their success.

It is with great pleasure that I know Melody as an excellent dog trainer, a caring person and a really good friend.

Laura Pomaville

I began taking my dogs to Melody’s classes in 1993 and continued to learn and train under her incredible direction for as long as I lived in Fresno.  Melody is the most gifted, caring, and results-producing trainer I’ve ever known.  She has proven herself to be an endless resource of positive techniques for working with dogs of any size and any temperament. Melody is able to help owners bring out the very best in their dogs.  I’ve seen this and experienced this talent of Melody’s whether it involved shy, sensitive dogs, or highly reactive dogs who showed aggression toward people or other animals. Melody displays an uncanny knack for knowing just how much information an owner can handle during each training session.  At every phase of learning, her goal is to improve the relationship of the dog and owner as she teaches the owner how to better understand and communicate with the 4-legged half of the “team.” Melody is extremely well-versed in training dog obedience at all levels and for all purposes. She also excels in teaching dog tricks and dancing, as exemplified in her Paws for Fun Performance Troupe. Learning from Melody has enriched my life beyond measure over the years.  I highly recommend Melody as a dog-training instructor to anyone.

Sandy Schneider

I met Melody over 25 years ago after my husband purchased a year old Doberman female that had only been out of the backyard twice, once to have her ears cropped and the other for spaying.  The only contact that she had with men is when her owner opened the back door and yelled at the dogs.

I enrolled in one of Melody’s Obedience classes.   My life was about to be changed by the love and devotion from a canine companion and enhanced by all Melody taught me about dogs.  Not just Obedience but   Mel shared her knowledge of behavior of different breeds, training techniques, socialization, nutrition and behavior modification.

Schotzie had a number of challenges to overcome especially fear.  She had never been socialized.   Mel through her classes taught me how to build her trust.    Mel was showing her Vizsla in AKC Obedience Trials and encouraged a number of her students to join her, which we did.  In addition to classes, we would practice a couple of nights during the week.  After a few Obedience Play Days Mel convinced me that I was ready for a real AKC Trial.  Our first Sun maid Club Trial Schotzie was the Hi Scoring Novice Dog!  Words cannot describe how elated I felt. We competed in Trials for a time and then Mel decided that we needed to give our dogs some diversion from obedience to keep them fresh and interested.  She read an article in a magazine about a new canine sport called flyball.  With help from fellow class members, boxes and jumps were made and Mel began to teach us how to play flyball.  Within a period of time and without ever being in a flyball tournament, Melody convinced us that we were ready for a competition in MINESOTA!  Despite our lack of experience we did very well.

I now wanted a second dog; it also would be a Doberman.  I told Mel that my husband said that it had to be a dog that owned the ground it stood on. No more fearful dogs. She went with me to evaluate this beautiful female Doberman.  Mel assured me that she would own her ground, so Krystal joined our household.  She began obedience and flyball training with Mel and we competed in Trials for a time but by then my real interest, as well as other class members, was flyball.  Eventually Mel founded the first flyball club in Fresno .    We had no other groups to compete against so for a time Mel turned our sport into demonstrations and raced against ourselves.   Over time the sport grew and many teams were formed in California.

Then Faster, my premier flyball Doberman joined the Family.   We began obedience training and then moved on to her flyball training.  Premier perhaps was an overstatement, Faster did not like repetition.  However when Faster was eight we began Performance Training and had a great time learning fun things like riding a skate board and opening and closing doors until her age finally indicated that she needed to retire.

Then came my Grand dog, Gunner.  A handsome male Doberman.  My daughter took him through Obedience and Performance with Mel and then I took him through Flyball.  He loved Flyball!  He was taken from us before the age of three but what a wonderful life he had and how enriched we were by him.

Then statuesque Brewster joined our family. We adopted him from Betty Cochran, Dobie Heaven Rescue.  He was five years old and was already Obedience trained, however, I felt we needed to go through a couple of Mel’s classes for bonding and to work on any issues that he might have.

Melody is professional and progressive.  She introduced me to wonderful dog way of life.  She has become a dear friend in addition to being a talented Dog Trainer.

Carol Cullers

I feel honored to have known and trained dogs with Melody over the past 12 years.  I began taking obedience classes with my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 12 years ago with Melody.  Since then, I have taken many of my Cavaliers through her puppy to advanced classes.  I show and raise Cavaliers and have much respect and appreciation for Melody and her dedication to dogs and her wonderful training techniques.  Through the years I continue to learn with taking classes.  She is an excellent teacher and has a great knowledge base for all types of problems and challenges with having a dog/puppy.  I highly recommend her classes for all my puppy placements here locally and to any friends and family with new puppy or dog additions to their families.  Personally I have learned so much from Melody and feel so fortunate for all the knowledge, advice, and encouragement she continues to give to me and others.  She truly has a passion for dogs and is gifted in her training techniques with all dogs and their owners. 

Pam Todd

I have had the joy of working with Melody over the last 20 years, as she has stepped my dogs (and me) through Beginning and Intermediate dog training. I have learned the correct handling and sensitivity needed by two previous Goldens and a current Aussie/Golden mix. In each class and with each owner/dog “combo”, she has always used patience and skill in leading us through our paces and moving us toward well trained and well behaved dogs. She does this with a dry sense of humor and tremendous skills, acquired over many decades. It is a pleasure to recommend Melody to anyone wanting to own a well behaved pet to a show dog ready animal. P.S. Her classes are also great fun!

Lynn Bowness